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Color Changing Showerhead Brushed Nickel

If you are looking for a brushed nickel shower head with even more qualities than a normal shower head BathSelect can help you here by upgrading it. You can get color changing shower head brushed nickel from us and get your total worth of money. This has a great light changing technology built into it which is not like the others. The shower head does not require an external power source in fact it has power source built into it which is powered when the water flows through it.

Consequently, the lights get turned on. The interesting part about it is that the lights are not turned by extreme water pressure but they require a very low amount of power. Getting out of flashy things, the lights do serve a purpose as well. When the water pressure is lowered or increased the lights get dim and bright respectively and they even turn on according to the temperature of the water. It does have great quality in terms of both build material and working. There material out of which it has been constructed is a very sturdy brass. It is a very strong metal with great durability that will hold on with time. The contemporary design makes sure that i will look beautiful in your bathroom. They are available in both ceiling and wall mounts so you can choose the one that you prefer but both will have great water flow. It also comes with a five year warranty from the manufacturer.

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Brushed Nickle shower head multicolor led 16" Color Changing LED Shower Head in Brushed Nickel Finish
Retail Price $616.80
Sale Price: $518.75
You save $98.05!
16-Inch-LED-BrushedNickel-Shower-Head 16 Inch LED Brushed Nickel Shower Head
Retail Price: $1,436.40
Sale Price: $1,157.04
You save $279.36!
Brushed Nickel Ceiling Mount Rain Shower Head Vicenza Brushed Nickel 20x40in Ceiling Mount Rain Shower Head
Retail Price $3,072.74
Sale Price: $2,048.50
You save $1,024.24!