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Gold LED Shower System

The BathSelect Gold LED Shower System is the perfect fixture to fulfill one's highest demands. It is an upgrade that we all strive for. This shower system in particular comes in beautiful gold color. It goes in perfectly well for a rich, old school luxurious bathroom or even a modern style home. It will enhance the look of a bathroom and add more elegance and character to it. It is easy to match with other fixtures to give a complete and perfect look. It will even work brilliantly as contrast and give the bathroom a unique touch. Luxury and relaxation is something everyone wishes for every day.

This shower system in particular provides the perfect water pressure while its nozzles provide a steady water flow thus resulting in a relaxing and joyful shower experience. It feels as if you are in a spa. This is like a spa you can go enjoy and relax every day as it is in the comfort of your home. The LED light feature will give you a very unique and exceptional shower experience. The light can be selected according to your mood and you can enjoy a peaceful shower. This shower system is easy to install, is extremely durable, and easy to clean as well as maintain. Its shiny appearance and rich gold color is a cherry on top.

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Retail Price: $1,481.00
Sale Price: $937.74