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Matte Black LED Shower System

The BathSelect Matte Black LED Shower System is designed to meet one's highest demands. Its dull black pigment is a sight to see. It goes in perfectly with todayís modern and contemporary style bathrooms. Recently interior is leaning more towards minimalism and white or nude colored tiles is the new way to go. This matte finish complements this theme perfectly. It automatically changes the aesthetics of a bathroom giving it a very elegant and chic look. The matte black finish not only adds a simple, modern visual but proves to be very practical as well. It is fairly easy to clean and maintain. They are less likely to leave a lot of water-spots and will not show wear and tear. As a result, its stunning velvet finish remains the same for a lifetime.

Here at BathSelect, we are well aware of your need for comfort as well as relaxation, these shower systems are designed to provide just that. It promises a joyful shower experience, one that will have you craving for more after every long busy day. The showers head nozzles to ensure a steady water flow for utmost comfort. LED lights prove to be very environmentally friendly as they donít consume much energy and in this case, are powered by the water flow. The LED lights help one start their day on a positive note and at night soothe away any pressure. One can set the color according to their mood and enjoy a complete spa-like experience.