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Rose Gold Shower Faucet

Rose gold shower faucets mean sense of security for you and your family with long-term, effective shower safety from scaling and cold waves. The product has the pressure control valve which includes customizable thermostatic pressure and water consumption settings, which will help you change the necessary flow of water, and when you're about to replace the shower knob reservoir, you really need to shut the lever.

The product contains hard rubber spray openings that allows the user to easily remove calcium and lime from either the spray face of the shower head and hand shower by touching your finger. It features 3 settings that deliver great performance. It also helps in switching between aerosols settings which is relatively simple; you can easily swap between rain shower, full spray massage or fast massager. This product transforms your shower into a futuristic showerhead. This luxury rain-style showerhead is made of durable ABS plastic for longevity and performance, with a quality gold finish that is robust to bleaching and corrosion. You can enjoy a cascade like a waterfall experience of new performance perfection. The design and architecture depth will make the installation process easier and make the result more stunning, so it is advised that you carefully research the system internally before installation and decide the installation width of the blending valve as per the actual width of the tiles.

Rose gold shower faucets are featuring a low-profile style with a clean, rounded style which is the ideal compliment to any tub. With a rugged polished gold finish, it is crease resistant and simple to clean.

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