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Brushed Gold Shower Arm

The BathSelect brushed Gold Shower Arm is definitely an upgrade everyone wants. It is designed to go along in today’s modern style and contemporary homes as well as in a traditional setting. Its gold color goes in really well in while or gives the perfect contrast. It is easy to match with other bathroom fixtures or even if it looks unique the Polished Gold appearance will make it the statement piece of the bathroom thus looking exquisite anyway. It will not only change the aesthetics of the bathroom but will also give it a rich character. Brushed material is known to be durable. It leaves no water spots nor any fingerprints thus as a result it is very easy to clean and maintain. Only a simple wet rag will do the job. It is very inexpensive which means it promises luxury on a budget. It also comes with the benefit of easy installation which makes this shower an easy upgrade altogether.

This BathSelect gold shower arm is designed to give the perfect water pressure its nozzles ensuring a steady water flow. This results in joyful yet relaxing showers. Shower Arms are best for practical usage. They give easy access to spray water all over the body and especially come very handy while showering children and pets. Consider this upgrade for a luxurious as well as comfortable experience which will last a lifetime.

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