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Brushed Gold Shower Faucet

The brushed gold shower faucet looks amazing when installed in the bathroom. These give a luxury touch to the bathroom and perfectly sit with any bathroom theme. Moreover, these are elegant in appeal and optimal in performance, we have a wide range of faucet designs for shower system. There are available the shower heads with the single handle spout or the two handles thermostatic control system. The brushed gold is a durable polish done on the brass material. It is sturdy and resistant to rust or corrosion. Furthermore, you will find no wear and tear on the shower system with this finish

The shower faucets are available in a variety of designs. The waterfall system also comes with an LED feature. The color changes with the change in water temperature. The red color is for the hot water while blue is for the cool water. The shower faucet comes with a combination of simple showerheads. One of the hot-selling products is the shower system with ceiling mount showerhead, handheld shower, and digital thermostatic control system. The brushed gold finish and the large shower system add an exotic effect to the refreshing area. Moreover, the presence of jet sprayers gives a soothing feel and help in kicking out all day tiredness. The shower system looks cool in appearance and doubles the beauty of the bathroom. You can install them as these are not only superb in performance but easy to clean and maintain also.

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Bravat Gold Finish Bathtub Faucet With Dual Handle Bravat Gold Finish Bathtub Faucet With Dual Handle
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Sale Price: $886.98