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Brushed Gold Shower Systems with Body Jets

The BathSelect® Brushed Gold Shower Systems with Body Jets are the most exquisite and luxurious. The brushed finish is created by brushing it in one direction against the gold. They look very rich and elegant as they go in perfectly with a traditional style home or are even equally trendy for modern and contemporary styles bathrooms. The Polished Gold appearance changes the look of a bathroom completely. The best thing about them is that it matches with all your other fixtures or even creates a brilliant contrast without clashing with any design or color. They are very easy to clean hardly leaving any fingerprints or water spots. Thus, they will add a unique touch to your bathroom as well as enhance its beauty. The Polished Gold color looks the best with white or even black marble which is quite common in today’s modern homes.

These BathSelect® shower systems come with body jets, which are very easy to install. The body jets are installed in such a way that water is coming out of all directions thus spraying water all over the body. This creates the perfect spa-like experience. It is best to wake one up in the morning with cold water or relax at night with hot water. They give the perfect water pressure and the nozzles ensure a steady water flow. If you want a spa-like luxurious experience every day it is time to upgrade your bathroom with our BathSelect® Brushed Gold Shower System with Body Jets.

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