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Matte Black Showerhead

Matte black shower heads come with quite earthy tones that create a natural look. These offer a softer aesthetic. Thus it gives you the freedom to mix and match patterns and colors without worry that your showerhead will clash with the design. The best thing about this exotic finish is that it matches perfectly with backsplashes, of a lighter tone. It is all because of the lack of gloss and toned down color.

You can add black accents throughout the rest of your space and create subtle contrasts. Thus it gives your bathroom, a modish touch. We deal with a wide range of matte black superior quality showerheads. You can buy a simple showerhead in square or round shape. Moreover, we have showerhead systems like dual showerhead with handheld shower, the shower setup with massagers, and jet sprays. Our luxury collection also includes matte black showerheads with LED characteristics. So, get ready to give yourself a relaxing bath experience. The LED works with dynamo technology. It means no hassle of batteries rather light will switch on with energy produced from the water flow. Moreover, you will e experience cool light changing features. The color of light varies with the temperature range. It is red with hot water while the color is blue with cold water. Isnít it an awesome feature?

Last but not least characteristic that makes matte black showerhead choice for most users is its easy maintenance. No need to rub with detergent to clean marks. It is all because it does not allow embedding of finger marks or water spots. Simply use a damp cloth to wipe out water and give it a new as well as a fresh look.