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Rain Showerhead Oil Rubbed Bronze

Rain shower heads provide a great flow of water that you don’t normally get from other shower heads so people are quite into them and at BathSelect we offer you rain shower heads in oil rubbed bronze finish. The oil rubbed bronze finish has a polished surface to it which feels expensive and elegant. The bronze color only makes it even better by muting the color tones and making it a perfect fit for every colored décor as it is a neutral color.

The shower head has a metal construction overall consisting of two very durable and strong metals namely brass and stainless steel. The shower head which is made of stainless still guarantees a tough quality with no chances of rust or clogging of the holes. Whereas the brass is used in the shower and base which makes it very strong so durability will never be an issue. The design is contemporary as it should be, because not everything looks good in a modern day bathroom but this checks boxes of looking beautiful and modern at the same time. The shower head as mentioned above has rainfall water flow which means that the shower spreads water directly from the above and provides a refreshing and ample stream of water as if you were standing in rainfall. Also it works under a low power functionality, so no matter the water pressure from behind you will always receive a great jet of water your way which will make you bath too comfortable.

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