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Rain Shower System with handheld Rose Gold

The rose gold rain shower offers a drenching experience with wonderful water flow and pressure. We have a wide range of showerheads with a large face that comes with many spray nozzles that provide excellent coverage. Thus, it gives a total body experience. Moreover, these rain showers have adjustable properties so you can place spray directly over the head or at any suitable angle. The rain showers have a flexible neck, adjustable arm, and pivoting shower face. Therefore, you can change the position, height, angle, and spray type.

We deal with attractive and affordable rose gold shower systems. These are durable design on superior grade brass material. Moreover, the showerheads are equipped with the easy to clean anti clog nozzles. Thus you will find no issue with the spray system. Furthermore, the rain showers come with multiple spray settings to provide you a natural and relaxing rainfall experience. Plus, these give a concentrated spray to provide you proper rinsing of the body. Another amazing feature is the LED light. The light changes color with a change in the temperature. Thus you will have a relaxing bath experience.

Finally, the rain showers with a handheld combination give you the best bath experience. You can use the showerhead or use the handheld shower for rinsing. These are awesome to use and bets in functionality. So upgrade your bathroom with a rose gold finish showerhead that will change the look of your bathroom and create a luxury appeal.

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