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Color Changing Showerhead Rose Gold

The standard of rose gold showerheads has been at the center of every choice that is being made. The goods are not just to model and help tremendously, but also to mature exquisitely and to maintain a substantial fixture in your bathrooms for generations to follow. And that's why intricately built and crafted the showerheads to offer the most conceivable environment. With advanced shower technology, all it takes is a couple revolution of the shower head knob to allow a smooth switch between different water spray designs. With the Vigorous water spray method, there is no single spray escaping the flexible shower head intersecting-resulting in a surprisingly strong, sensual sensation that leaves your body feel fresh, clean and surprisingly tingly.

It gives rain i.e. soft and strong, the Rain water spray environment provides a calming escape for a comfortable, spa-like environment inside your own bathroom at home. Every drop of water is intentionally larger to keep the heat longer, making the skin feel cozy and beautiful. Great for cooling in a hot shower after such a long day, the customizable showerhead Flood configuration is a drizzling dam of dense water sprays, ideally spread to pound into your skin, helping you stay healthy and rejuvenated.

The product is in an iconic theme. This sturdy metal shower head features bright colors and a classic faucet look with a convenient side button to match any bathroom design accessories and fixtures. The body is strong and durable for long lasting use.