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Matte Black Color Changing Shower System

The matte black color changing shower system is the perfect shower system that provides you with an amazing bathing experience. The shower system is made with high-quality durable brass which makes it stronger and lasts longer. The long life of this showerhead makes it as easy to use as it won’t need any maintenance and care. The showerhead is the best to be installed in traditional interior bathrooms because of its simple design but can also be the best fit for your modern and contemporary bathrooms. You can also use it in themed bathrooms because of the matte black color finishing on this shower.

There are LED lights in the shower system which keeps on changing colors with the water flow. You don’t need any electrical connection or batteries to turn the LED on as it is controlled by the water flow. A glimmer of these amazing LED lights while bathing provides a soothing experience.

This square-shaped matte black color changing shower system can be easily installed without even the need for special tools and assistance. This style of showerhead proves to be the best for traditional interiors. The water flow rate of this showerhead is 2 gallons per minute. There is a G ˝ showerhead connection for easy wall mounting of the showerhead. The shower arm has a length of 8.5”.

This matte black shower system is the best shower system with so many versatile features and it is all you would need for a soothing bathing experience.