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Brushed Gold Shower Set

What can be better than a calming shower after a hectic day? With your shower set in the right place, you can enjoy a peaceful shower. While the right choice of shower set is crucially important, finding the right one can be a difficult task, considering the vast variety available in markets today. How can you find the right shower set? How to search for the one that matches your bathroom? If you are looking for the right shower set, here is what you need!

Types of shower sets
In markets today, there is a great range of shower sets that you will come across. Here are some common types described below.

  1. Mixer shower sets
  2. As the name says, these shower sets allow the mixing of cold and how water. This mixing occurs in the system before it escapes from the showerhead. These shower sets need hot water to work. A pump can be added for maintaining the water pressure.

  3. Electric shower sets
  4. Electric shower sets bring water when you require it. Mixing water to the right proportion, they bring water from the cold source of water and heat it by making it pass over some heating element. The water temperature remains stable as you enjoy your bath.

  5. Thermostatic shower sets

Thermostatic shower sets are much like electric showers. They can maintain the pressure, and water temperature from the very start.
Based on the material of shower sets, there are some common types like brushed gold shower, polished brass shower, oil-rubbed bronze, copper, polished nickel, and chrome.

Brushed Gold Sensor Controlled Automatic Shower Set

Common features of a shower set
Some useful features make shower sets suitable for their job. Some of the common and useable features are listed below.

  1. A full spray of water
  2. Water-saving
  3. Equal distribution of water
  4. Water temperature maintenance
  5. High-quality and durable

1- Brushed Gold Sensor Controlled Automatic Shower Set

This touch-free electronic shower set is the perfect choice to upgrade your bathroom for a calming shower. Being convenient in design and easy to clean, it is water efficient. This brushed gold finish shower set with a solid brass construction ensures reliability and long-lasting performance. Being touch-free, it prevents any chances of cross-contamination, and saves water, hence being a good option for homes and commercial purposes.

Where can brushed gold shower sets be installed?
With the elegant and modern look that they provide, brushed gold shower sets can be used for residential and commercial purposes. For residential purposes, they are now being installed in the new societies and homes being built. Commercially, these shower sets can be found in hotels, apartments, and flats, for tourists and residents.

Marseille Brushed Gold Wall Mount Rainfall Shower Head Combo Set

2- BathSelect Marseille Brushed Gold Wall Mount Rainfall Shower Head

Enhance the look of your bathroom with this brushed gold rainfall shower set. Enjoy a wonderful bathing experience with the square rotatable shower head. Made of high-quality brass, it has a beautiful metallic finish. Enjoy easy installation with complete installation instructions.

Benefits of brushed gold shower sets
Why are these shower sets the choice of many people today? What benefits do they offer? Here is what you need to know!

  1. Water conservation
  2. These shower sets conserve water because they turn on only when needed. Controlling the water that is being used, saves any extra water that may otherwise be wasted.

  3. Maintaining the water temperature
  4. With these shower sets, the water temperature can easily be maintained, so you won't have to worry about the hot and cold water mixing.

  5. The polished and finished look

Brushed gold shower sets give your bathroom a stylish, modern, and updated look. The brushed gold finish gives your bathroom the look that it needs!

3- BathSelect Napoli Brushed Gold Square Rainfall Shower Set

Give your bathroom an updated look with this brushed gold square rainfall shower set. It comes with a handheld shower and gives a rainfall shower effect. With the optimum design and latest technology, this shower set is easy to use and gives a refreshing shower experience. With an easy installation system, being light-weight in design, corrosion-resistant, and durable, you can enjoy this perfect shower set.

Napoli Brushed Gold Square Rainfall Shower Set with Handheld Shower
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