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Brushed Gold LED Shower System

Brushed gold LED showers are new in the market with their amazing features and new properties. The shower systems have now come up with the new characteristics like installation of LED in it. The modish designs also include the scales that can help in adjusting the water flow with valves. The cold and hot water are mixed automatically with the help of the knobs in it. There is a display of water temperature on the LED. The LED is waterproof and can easily adjust water temperature in the shower arms.

The product is amazing because of its various elements such as gold finishes sleek and beautiful body. The body is featured for the best design which is easy to install in the bathroom. Handheld shower head is good for its stronger body. It covers very less space in the bathroom and makes the bathroom looks stunning. The product has the 4 inch wide sprays for covering the whole body. The color and body is finished with god brass. It has embedded plug profile. The shape of the shower head is round with the flow ate of about 2.5 gallons per minute. There is no requirement of battery in it.

The body has the best gold arm unique for waterfall. The item has the low profile design with neat and clean finish. The shower is wall mounted and has the automatic system of water temperature adjustment. The body is durable and has the warranty of about 2 years.

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