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Satin Nickel Round Shower Heads

BathSelect has been the choice of many commercial companies in search of a good satin nickel showerhead for their bathrooms. A trusted, reliable company with a diverse range of bathroom fixtures, BathSelect will be the right choice for you. Whether you are looking for modern round satin nickel showerheads, or traditionally designed ones, BathSelect has a great variety that will surely give you something you are looking for.

Satin nickel is amongst the most durable finishes when it comes to showerheads for commercial use. Satin nickel showerheads have a great number of shapes amongst which round showerheads are used for commercial use. These Satin Nickel round showerheads will either be ceiling mount or wall mount, which you can choose from as per your choice. Modern models of these showerheads have LED lights with changing colors that improve your showering experience. Some satin nickel showerheads have thermostatic control, allowing maintenance of water temperature as you shower. Shower panel systems also have round showerheads, but these satin nickel shower systems also have additional functions like body massage, hand showerheads, etc.

Satin nickel is an elegant yet durable finish in round showerheads that is suited well for commercial purposes where durability and elegance are much needed. Apart from being durable, the Satin nickel finish also maintains its polished look over time and doesn’t show water marks or fingerprints. The round shape of the showerhead ensures an equal spray of water as you shower. With round satin Nickel showerheads, there is a great variety that is perfect for commercial use.

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