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Waterfall Showerhead Satin Nickel

The BathSelect®Waterfall Showerhead Satin Nickel is designed to last you a lifetime. They go in perfectly with today’s modern style contemporary homes or even in a more traditional setting. Their ability to match with other fixtures and accessories without clashing makes them one of the tests. These elegant showerheads change the aesthetics of a bathroom completely giving it a very rich as well as elegant character. Its ability to look elegant as well as luxurious at the same time is a cherry on top. Satin Nickel is one of the most durable finishes as it keeps its finish longer than other finishes like chrome and oil-rubbed bronze. It does not show wear and tear.

Along with that, it is fairly easy to clean as well as maintain. It does not shop any fingerprints as well as water spots. The waterfall shower head nozzles ensure a steady water flow. The waterfall feature lets the water travel down from your head to your shoulders and the rest of the body. This feature will automatically put you in a relaxed mood as the water will be reaching your body perfectly. The top-down drenching effect will feel as if you are under a real waterfall or a natural downpour. All of this will give a joyful as well as a relaxing shower experience. Upgrade your bathroom with our waterfall showerhead in satin nickel to enjoy the perfect showers for a lifetime.