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Waterfall Showerhead Gold

Waterfall showerhead beautifully polished gold is ideal for luxurious hotels and even some home owners who don't hesitate with anything less than the finest. Showerheads are here to inspire you with their luxurious style, long-lasting workmanship and unparalleled versatility. It is a must-have for those who want to transform their home shower to a luxury hotel spa. There is nothing quite like restorative sensation of a rain storm. It's a genuinely wonderful experience that you will appreciate every single day, from the safety of your house, thanks to the golden shower head of the waterfall. The showerhead package meets the needs of all our clients for a trouble-free installation.

The showerhead is fitted with finely designed nozzle jets which are right winged and self-cleaning. It provides a net filter/sand disc to keep your water flow clear, free from debris and smooth; silicone tape to guarantee no leaks and the sturdy brass ball joint gives you the right to tip your showerhead in whatever direction you choose. The showerhead is indeed an elevated, thermally stable, entire body ABS build, covered in a sleek, polished gold finishing. It ships with 90 accuracy designed utilize advanced nozzles for improved water flow. The product brings a bit of elegance and luxury to your bathroom for our sleek and trendy Rainfall Shower Head and impresses your visitors with our glossy and glamorous shower head to establish a 5-star spa experience. You will begin and end every single day with the most lavish rain shower and improve your creativity and well-being.

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Gold Plated shower head multicolor led 31" by 16" Gold Tone Square Color Changing LED Rain Shower Head
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