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Showerhead with Handheld Chrome

If you want extra features in you shower head with more options for comfort and convenience then BathSelect has a great option for in you in the form of our shower head with a handheld shower in chrome finish. The fanciest thing about this is the design. It looks beautiful all the way from the shower head to the handheld shower. The chrome finish is shiny and looks flashy and attracts the eye of everyone who sees it. Complementing the chrome finish is the build of this shower head which has been of brass. Brass is a very solid metal that will give you all the necessary sturdiness that is going to help your shower head sustain for a long period without having any issues.

You also get a contemporary design through which the shower head looks as if it was designed for that very bathroom in which it is installed. It is super easy to install too. The shower head has more functioning than a normal head. It comes with the regular high quality shower head that works amazingly well and maintains a great water pressure but along with that you are also provided a handheld shower that is very convenient if you want to use the shower for parts that shower cannot reach. These both things make a great combo as in one package you get both best things that are great in working and also provide those good looks. A must have product for you if you want to amplify your bathing experience.