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LED Showerhead Satin Nickel

Customize your refreshing area by installing a satin nickel LED showerhead. It will add a warmer look to your bathroom with the latest technology and design. You can pick from a variety of styles, materials, functions, and sizes available in our catalog. Transform your bathroom into the spa by installing the stain nickel rain shower system or the shower system with the message sprays or jet spray system.

We have a wide array of durable brass material satin nickel showerheads. No matter what is the size of your bathroom we have different sizes to ideally fit in your bathroom area. We deal with small round LED showerhead to large 18*18 rectangular ceiling mount showerheads. Moreover, our variety also includes the bathtub showerheads and shower system with spout and handheld showers. Each one is equipped with LED technology. It works with dynamo energy. That is the energy is produced when water flows and it switches on the LED light. Moreover, the color of the LED changes with a change in temperature of water. It is red with hot water and blue in the case when the temperature is below 25 degrees. It means the temperature can be monitored through the color of the LED.

Furthermore, the maintenance of the satin nickel is very convenient. It does not show finger marks and water spots. Moreover, it is resistant to rust and does not get tarnished with time. it stays new and fresh in appeal even after a long time. In short, spending on the showerhead with a satin nickel finish is worth it.

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