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Do you know every 14 out of 100 patients get hospital-acquired infections (HAIs)? Have you ever thought about how those patients come across these deadly infections? The answer is very easy. The poor hygienic environment of hospital restrooms is one of the main causes of HAIs. Bathselect hospitality automatic commercial faucets minimize the risk of HAIs and improve hygiene, safety, and comfort in the sensitive environment of hospitals. hospital restroom faucets are available.
1. BathSelect Hospitality Lyon Matte Black Commercial Motion Sensor Faucet & Automatic Wall Mount Soap Dispenser for Restrooms
Very decent and elegant Bathselect hospitality Lyon matte faucets are specially designed to meet the highest quality and functionality standards in hospitals and commercial buildings, along with pleasing color and finish. The Touch-less technology of these faucets creates a bacteria-free environment by eliminating re-contamination and hand-to-hand transmission of bacteria. An ideal choice for the high-risk environment of hospital restrooms. Very safe and easy to use for all the healthcare staff, including doctors, nurses, and patients.
2. BathSelect Hospitality Commercial Automatic Matte Black Sensor Faucet with Matching Automatic Soap Dispenser for Restrooms
An exciting feature of these Bathselect hospitality matte black faucets is energy conservation. High-quality motion sensors of these faucets greatly minimize water wastage during soaping, leathering, and scrubbing with an adjustable factory set to 30-second Auto shutoff with touchless technology. Its automatic soap dispenser with built-in Infrared AI smart chip also reduces unwanted soap wastage. They are durable and convenient because of their easy-to-clean surfaces and fully sealed connection.
3. Hospitality BathSelect Marsala High Quality Commercial Motion Sensor Faucet & Automatic Soap Dispenser for Restrooms in Chrome
Bathselect Marsala's high-quality faucet and matching automatic soap dispenser are as amazing as the varieties mentioned earlier. Its automatic action is controlled by the micro-computer, which adjusts its direction per the lavatory's color and shape. Installation of these faucets in hospitals and other commercial buildings is very easy. Wall mounting design also saves a lot of space. Other interesting features include a water-resistant solenoid enclosure and advanced energy-saving design for long-lasting battery life with precise water pressure of 0.5-7.0 KGS/cm (10-125 psi).
Conclusion: To conclude the review, Bathselect hospitality automatic hospital restroom faucet is a unique, safe, and elegant product that seamlessly fits any contemporary restroom. Its easy use touch-less technology with efficient functioning makes it the best commercial-use faucet available in the market.

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