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Color Changing Showerhead Satin Nickel

Satin nickel finish is the durable and sturdy type of coating that lasts for a long time. It is not only long-lasting but looks appealing also. If you want to add the rustic and classical look to your bathroom then the satin nickel is the ideal option. You can install it with any bathroom theme. Moreover, the LED technology in showerheads brings a modern look to your bathroom.

If you are looking for a color-changing showerhead sin satin nickel then you can choose from our wide range of collections. We deal with shower systems having a combination of showerhead, jet and massage sprays, handheld shower, and the spout. Moreover, the dual showerhead and the large ceiling mount showerheads are available. The rain shower comes with multiple water flow characteristics you can experience the mist form, waterfall, and rain shower. Thus you can switch the showering mode and enjoy the relaxing shower. The shower system also changes the color when the temperature of water changes. It means you get an indication of the range of temperature of the water.

Usually, our range has showers with red, blue, and green color light. The color is according to the temperature of the water. At high temperature, it is red while for moderate the LED will emit green color. Satin nickel maintenance is also easy. You will find now watermarks and spots on the showerheads. Moreover, these are equipped with the anti-clogging system so water flows continuously without any hurdles of mineral deposition.

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