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How to install a commercial sensor automatic faucets

Bravat Commercial Automatic Hands Free Sensor Faucet

Bravat Commercial Automatic Sensor Faucets

The Bravat Commercial Sensor Activated Touchless Faucet

Why spend thousands, upon thousands of dollars every year on water that just goes to waste? What you need is a quality Sensor Faucet that has a finished, high-end look that has the ability to save your money from going down the drain. Whether you want to use this professional looking Faucet just to have it for home use or for your business. With a solid Chrome finish, this Bravat Sensor Faucet will be sure to last longer than your monies worth .Minimize waste of water, by using the automatic faucet. Immediately reduces water waste by eliminating unnecessary and unattended water flow. Uses 4AAAlkaline Batteries (purchase separately).Water Pressure: 0.5 - 7.0 KGS/cm, 10-125 psi. Ideal for commercial use applications in public restrooms, restaurants, office building, public facilities, hospitals. Fits all standard US plumbing.
  • Sensor faucet complete motion detection operation.
  • Sensitive Sensor with Infrared AI Smart-Chip
  • The factory is set to 30-second Auto Shutoff (can be adjusted).
  • Water Pressure: 0.5 - 7.0 KGS/cm, 10 - 125 psi
  • Solid Brass Construction, Polished Chrome Finish
  • Easy to Install - Instructions Included
  • Water resistant solenoid enclosure
  • Advanced energy saving design for long lasting battery life
  • Comes complete with Hoses & Accessories
  • Power Supply: AC110V And DC6V (batteries not included)
  • AC/DC power option.
  • ADA Compliant.
  • Easily can be installed in new or retrofit applications.
  • Usage: Commercial / Residential
  • Ideal for commercial use applications in public restrooms, restaurants, office building, public facilities, hospitals. Fits all standard US plumbing.
Bravat Commercial Automatic Sensor Faucets
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Reduces the transfer of germs by preventing cross-contamination and re-contamination of germs and bacteria by not touching the faucets or handles.Cut down on water usage by minimizing waste of water while soaping, lathering, scrubbing and drying hands by eliminating unnecessary and unattended water flow.

Sensor Activated Faucet Special Features:

  • Durable Vandal-Resistant Brass Body; Ideal for Residential as well as commercial high use applications
  • Intelligent: with its micro-computer controlling its action, the faucet will self adjust its best detection zone as per the color and shape of the lavatory
  • Flashing light indicator; a diagnostic indicator for power up, low battery, and solenoid function.
  • The meaning of the codes is described in the installation instructions.
  • Convenient to maintain; with built-in strainer to prevent sundries from entering the solenoid valve and the strainer is easy to clean
  • The faucet can be mount to any sink surface.
  • ADA Complaint
  • Battery life 8,000 cycles per month and with enough water pressure is approx 5 year service life of the batteries.
  • Adjustable sensing range; while the factory range is set about 4"to 5"from the sensor, it can be adjusted.
Diameter of inlet pipeDN15
Diameter of outlet pipeDN15
Water Pressure0.05Mpa - 0.7Mpa
Power and VoltageDC.6V
AC.220V - 50/60Hz
Power Consumption0.5MW
Detection ZoneFactory sets 25cm/10" (based on standard inductive board)
Ambient Temperature1 - 45 ℃ / 33.8 -113 °F
Degree of protection by enclosure1P56
Bravat Commercial Automatic Sensor Faucets
BathSelect® Manufacturer Warranty Information
  • Before you begin, please read the installation instructions below. Observe all local building and safety codes.
  • Unpack and inspect the product for any shipping damages. If you find damages, do not install.
  • Please note all showers must be installed by a professional and certified plumber otherwise warranty may be voided
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Sensor Faucet Installation Instructions

Step 1

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1. Before installation, please make sure the power is turned off.
2. When connecting the control line and power line according to the arrow, please note the male and female to prevent the circuit board burned out, because of the incorrect connection.
3. Be sure the washer installed to prevent impurities into the water valve to avoid leakage.

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Pros and Cons of Commercial Sensor Faucets

Another name for automatic faucet is motion sensor faucets which are usually used in public washrooms. They are best for mitigating the germs and water is conserved with their help as well. The faucet works in accordance with the hands of the users. Once it's able to detect or sense hands under the valve, it opens and lets the water flow. As soon as the user moves away his hands, valve closes immediately.



  • Hygienic, Reduce Transfer of Germs
  • Durability, high foot traffic
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Water Saving
  • Vandal Resistant
  • ADA Compliance for Public Restrooms.
  • Disadvantages:

  • Hands free faucets work with infrared sensor, this may have issues with intelligent surfaces and to some degree with bright colors.
  • Installation (Labor Intensive)
  • Value extend, they are more expensive than regular faucets.

Types of Motion Sensor Faucets

The level of cross-contamination when using sensor faucets is significantly lower than manual faucets.


  • Touch Sense Faucets
  • Touchless Sensor Faucets
  • Motion Detection Faucets
  • Battery Operated or AC/D
  • Heat Activated Faucets
  • No Sense Faucets
  • Porous, require sealant to avoid water damage and stains.
  • Requires more work to maintain, re-sealing.

Benefits of Electronic Faucets:

Sensor faucets reduce the transmission of germs and bacteria through tap water.Since no touch is involved, sensor faucets are more hygienic that manual faucets.


  • When it comes to bathroom flooring, vinyl is the most DIY-friendly option available. Plus, because it can be installed easily and quickly, it’s also a more affordable installation cost if you decide to have the floor installed for you by a professional
  • Vinyl is a great option for condos because you can use a single type of flooring throughout your whole home
  • Can be installed above an existing tile floor, making it a great, easy option to update the look of your bathroom without having to tear out old tiles
  • Available in water resistant and some 100% waterproof options
  • Very easy to clean and maintain
  • Disadvantages:

  • May not be compatible with underfloor heating--consult with the manufacturer’s recommendation to confirm
  • Cannot be used as a shower floor material

Features of Public Restrooms Electronic Faucets:

Users of sensor faucets conserve 70% of water compared to users of manual taps.Sensor taps requires less maintenance, plus it more durable and long-lasting than manual taps.


  • Naturally water, mold, and allergen resistant
  • Incredibly comfortable under bare feet
  • Insulates against cold and sound for a naturally warmer and less acoustic bathroom
  • Disadvantages:

  • If installed in a bathroom a floating method is not recommended
  • No matter what installation method is used, it must be finished on site so the joints between boards are sealed to prevent moisture absorption at the core

What Are the Worst Bathroom Faucets to use?

In public sanitary facilities with touch free faucets, one doesn’t need to get filthy again reusing a similar knob or handle and there won’t be cross-contamination between different users through the faucet. Regardless of that, a few providers have expendable spouts for sensor taps, intended for social insurance situations that go for guaranteeing cleanliness.Here is a breakdown on Sensor Faucets performance:

Durability and ease of use of Sensor Faucets In Public Rest

Manual Faucets in public restrooms is, quite honestly, the worst choice when it comes to sanitary. Cross contamination using manual faucets while washing hands is found to be very high.


  • It looks great and feels comfortable, but look and feel can be achieved in wood-look materials that are more resistant to moisture damage
  • Disadvantages:

  • Almost no protection against moisture is built into the composition of its boards
  • The tiniest amount of moisture can easily seep into the core of solid hardwood planks and cause rot over time
  • If installed, it must be done professionally to make sure there are zero gaps for moisture to seep into, and also have seams between boards flooded with a protective coating that guards against moisture

Commercial Sensor Faucets Concepts

Overall touchless automatic sensor faucets are considered an investment in public restrooms such as malls, offices, restaurants and other institutional establishments where the washroom is a shared space. Above everything else, the hands-free faucet solution offers security and peace of mind from the threat of germ transmission.

    Main Concepts:

  • Water Conservation: The first difference between traditional faucets and sensor faucets would be the water output. Sensor taps would pour 10L to 15L per minute, while the other type would not use more than 6L. This is due to the design of sensor faucets which is purposed to have a low flow rate, an aerator in the spout and system or materials that prevent leakage, it also has a solenoid valve that would be closed by default. A dripping faucet would then waste between 300 ml and 1L per hour.
  • If installed in the bathroom, we strongly recommend hiring a professional installer as the seams between planks have to be as tight as possible and the floors then have to be thoroughly sealed
  • Over time moisture that permeates the engineered floor boards will cause them to warp and buckle

The Different Styles and Finishes of Sensor Faucets

Motion sensor faucets come in different styles and finishes and they are basically used mainly in commercial applications such as hospitals, airports, malls, office buildings and other public facilities.

    Major Styles and Finishes:

  • Deck Mount Sensor Faucets
  • Wall Mount Sensor Faucets
  • Chrome Sensor Faucets
  • Brushed Nickel Sensor Faucets
  • Oil Rubbed Bronze finish Sensor Faucets
  • Gold finish Sensor Faucets
  • Rose Gold finish Sensor Faucets
  • Digital Sensor Faucets

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