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Best Luxury Shower Systems

BathSelect®has the perfect and diverse collection of bathroom fixtures for customization of your residential (or commercial) bathroom. Our fixtures are available in a great range of functions, materials, finishes, styles, and sizes. With BathSelect®get the chance to customize and prepare your bathroom for a perfect upgrade. Among the various finishes for shower systems, one of the most used commercial bathroom finish is brushed nickel. We at BathSelect®have a great collection of BRAVAT brushed nickel shower systems for you to choose from. Choose your favorite ones from our diverse variety.

BRAVAT brushed nickel shower systems are available in wall mount and ceiling mount installation modes. While some shower systems have double handles, others have a single handle design. These shower systems are equipped with modern luxury features like shower jets, waterfall and rainfall showerheads, and a handheld shower. For a luxury bathing experience, these shower systems have LED lights that brighten the bathroom during the shower, and a thermostatic valve that allows absolute control of water temperature. Brushed nickel is a famous shower system finish, often used in commercial places like flats and apartments. BRAVAT brushed nickel shower systems have a great collection of the best bathroom fixtures for commercial use, ensuring durability and quality all in one place. BRAVAT shower systems in brushed nickel design are very durable in their structure and maintain their look longer than other finishes, such as chrome. Being relatively a less expensive option, these shower systems are a perfect upgrade for a modern commercial bathroom.

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