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Bathtub & Shower Systems Chrome

The BathSelect Bathtub and shower systems in chrome are designed to perfection. They will go in well with today's modern and contemporary homes or even enhance the look of the bathroom in a traditional setting. The beautiful shine of it is indeed a delight to see. It will change the aesthetics completely and give the room a rich character. The best thing about it is that it will easily match with other fixtures or the contrast will only give the bathroom a unique look. The chrome material of it has a really nice shine which promises luxury. It is professionally applied consisting of a thick layer due to which it is impervious to scratches thus it is easy to clean without needing any special material as well as protects against corrosion which means that it has the ability to prevent environmental deterioration by a chemical. Corrosion-resistance includes high resistance to an overall reaction within the specific environment.

Along with all these advantages, chrome is very cost-effective as well. The shiny exquisite bathtub promises utmost luxury as well as relaxation. After a long day, it is the perfect way to relax as it is very high quality as well as aesthetically pleasing. This upgrade will surely enhance your bath experience. The BathSelect chrome shower system promises a joyful shower. Its nozzles ensure a steady water flow. It is the perfect way to wake yourself in the morning or relax at night. Consider this upgrade for relaxing and joyful showers and baths for a lifetime.

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massage Shower Head Contemporary Series Head Shower In Chrome Finish
Retail Price: $196.00
Sale Price: $146.00

Contemporary Series Head Shower In Chrome Finish Contemporary Series Head Shower In Chrome Finish
Retail Price: $246.00
Sale Price: $148.05