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Stainless Steel Shower Arm

Adding the stainless steel shower arm offers an enhanced showering experience. It is an extension that you connect with your showerheads. We deal with different types of shower arms. These include a straight shower arm, standard shower arm, and gooseneck shower arms. You can choose the one that fulfills your showering needs. Straight shower arms are best to install with rainfall ceiling mounted shower arms while if you want to increase the height of the showerhead then you can pick the gooseneck shower arm.

The standard shower is a common type of arms. These are simple and come with a small extension with a certain angle. The second type is the straight shower arms that offer a modern touch to the showerhead. These are straight and adjusted at 90 degrees of angle. The trendy type of shower arms included in our catalog is the gooseneck type. These are ideal to raise the height of the showerhead according to your need.

The stainless shower arms are beneficial because they are corrosion proof and do not rust in the humid environment. The shower arms are very easy to clean. You will find no finger marks. Moreover, these are flexible and you can adjust the position of the showerhead by rotating them. You can install them if you think you feel difficulty in adjusting the showerhead or it is installed at a certain height. Buy the shower arm and give the right position to your shower head and enjoy taking bath.