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Satin Nickel Shower Systems with Body Jets

Shower systems in terms of convince and looks are all the hype these days and you can get a very good one from BathSelect which is satin nickel shower systems with body jets. This product will change your bathing experience and provide you a bath unlike any you have ever taken. The shower system is laden with features from the top to the bottom. First of all it comes with a large size shower head that even works on low power and provides a very smooth water flow. Some even have additional features like built-in LED lights. The fun part about these lights are that they are color coded according to the temperature of the water and donít require any external source of power as power source is installed in them already.

Moreover it has body jets, these jets are installed to provide a body massage and can turn and spread the water 360 degrees. There is also tub spout and a handheld shower that come with the shower system and they come in handy many times. Of course this all needs to be done under a good build quality, therefore our products are made of stainless steel and brass. The majority structure, the base and handles are made of stainless steel whereas the bras is used to make the faucets that are included with. The contemporary design looks absolutely magnificent wherever it is installed. This shower system is a dream shower that will provide you a spa experience at home.