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Satin Nickel Rain Shower System

You can get a wide range of rain shower systems and other bathroom accessories from BathSelect. If you are looking for a rain shower system in satin nickel finish you have come the right place as our shower system will provide your bathroom with the required upgrade that will get you going. Our satin nickel rain shower systems provide a great build quality that will hold up for long periods of time without any issues of rusting or clogging. The entire construction is done through stainless steel ensuring the best possible quality. Ceramic is also used in some cases in things like the valves.

Also the satin nickel finish provides a nice metallic but muted look that not only looks rigid but also gives it a modern design. The design is contemporary, so is perfect for any modern day bathroom. The shower system has loads of great features that will attract you towards it. It has different buttons that lets you control the speed and flow of water along with temperature adjustability. Some also come with extra hand showers which provide extra convenience and comfort. The water slow style is rainfall that makes a lot of water directly from the ceiling, which provides an excellent experience. Moreover the panel also has many mini jets built into it. The purpose of these is to provide a massage. The massage is very comforting and takes your bath experience to a whole new level. This product will give you everything that you are looking for