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Rain Shower System with handheld Satin Nickel

Stain nickel finished showerheads are best to give your bathroom a classy and warmer touch. The rain shower with handheld showers offers a soothing bath experience. We have rain showers that are durable in characteristics. These come with adjustable settings like massage, saturating, and turbo settings. Moreover, these have brass balls so you can adjust the angle to set its positions perfectly for your bath area. Moreover, a special nozzle sare added that donít allow mineral collection in the holes of showers. Thus, the anti-clogging system keeps the water flow smooth.

The rainfall shower system comes in various styles like round, square, and rectangular. These are paired with a handheld shower. Perhaps, combo system gives a relaxing shower experience. These have a large face to provide rainfall spray coverage. Bring the spa to your home as the showerheads will definitely meet your showering needs. These also come with the arm to adjust the angle according to your need. The rain showers come with multiple features like the presence of LED light. It is a nice addition to technology. These showers display different colored lights. The red color depicts the hot water while the blue color is displayed for the cool water.

Our rain shower collection with the satin nickel is durable in nature. It does not get tarnished nor it gets rusted. Furthermore, stain nickel rain showers are very easy to clean. It does not show finger marks and water spots. Thus, the maintenance is very easy and keeps these bathroom essentials fresh for a long time.

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