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Installation Instruction For Salvador Deck Mount Double Handle Bathtub Faucet

Salvador Deck Mount Brushed Nickel Finish Double Handle Bathtub Faucet

The Salvador bathtub faucet was designed to impress and stand out in any contemporary bathroom. The unusual, rounded shape of the spout is contrasting the straight lines of the handles. The classic finish in brushed nickel adds to its charm. It is deck mount, 3 holes, with two handles, and hot & cold water mixer. Only the best materials have been used: the body and spout are made of solid brass and the valve core material is ceramic, for improved functionality and long lasting life time. It comes complete with mounting accessories and installation instructions.

Salvador Bathtub Faucet Specifications

  • Type : Bathtub Faucet
  • Valve Core Material : Ceramic
  • Style : Classic & Contemporary
  • Hot & Cold Water : Yes
  • Number of Handles : Dual Handles
  • Installation Type : Deck Mount
  • Surface Treatment : Brushed Nickle
  • Installation Holes : Three Holes
  • Waterfall spout width : 6.5inch (16.5 cm)
  • Valve Type : Ceramic Valve
  • Faucet Body Material : Brass
  • Faucet Spout Material : Brass
Salvador Deck Mounted Brushed Nickel Finish Double Handle Bathtub Faucet
BathSelect® Manufacturer Warranty Information

Install the rough-in valve body behind the finished wall. Attach the valve body to wood blocking between two wall studs with wood screws. Be sure that the rough-in valve is completely level, and connect to the main water supply.

  1. When the wall around the rough-in valve is finished, install your faucet trim.
  2. If your faucet spout is not assembled, assemble by connecting the threaded outlet to the faucet body. If your spout is already assembled move on to the next step.
  3. If your faucet features a decorative face plate, secure the face plate to the wall with silicone sealant before installing your handle and spout trim pieces. Make sure that the faceplate is properly aligned over the rough-in valve and perfectly straight. If your faucet does not feature a face plate move on to the next step.
  4. If the decorative spout escutcheon is not attached, place the escutcheon on the body of the spout and install the spout over the spout shank. Screw the spout into place and press the escutcheon firmly against the finished wall.
  5. Tighten any set screws in the spout with the Allen wrench.
  6. Install the handle(s) and any necessary hardware and tighten the set screws with your Allen wrench. If rubber O-rings or sealing gaskets are included, Place between the handle body and wall to create a water tight seal.
  7. When your faucet installation is complete, turn on the water supply. Check to make sure that all connections are tight (no water should be leaking) and that the hot and cold supplies are working correctly. Turn the water on and allow the water to flow through the spout for approximately 60 seconds. Allow sealant to cure for 24 hours before use.
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