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Installation Instruction for Massage Shower Panel

Turn your bathroom into a spa with our massage shower panels

The Juno and Fontana Showers Shower Massage Panel System

comes complete ready to install in just few simple steps

Product is designed for both bathroom upgrade (without the need to
destroy your wall) or for new construction.

Our selection of shower panels comes with an exceptionally sophisticated look made of stainless steel. It comes with body pulsating spray jets along with a rainfall shower head and some of our selections include thermostatic anti scalding shower valve to prevent scalding. All our selections of shower panels give you a better shower experience than just using a conventional shower. Those pulsating massage body jets provide you the benefits of a massage and acupressure - Oriental technique applying pressure to specific "pressure points" on the body to improve the flow of energy. General diagram and illustrations (not meant for a specific model). Every model has its complete, easy and simple installation instructions that comes with it.



shower panel parts

1.Hand shower.

2. Shower head.

3. Panel frame.

4. Shelf.

5. Adjustable jets.

6 & 7. Diverter, Mixer and Thermostatic antiscalding device (most models).

8. Hanheld shower hose.

9. Connection base to handheld shower hose.

10. Tub spout.

11. Shower head hose.

12. Mounting bar.

13. Built in mixer flow diverter and thermostatic antiscalding device.

14 & 17. Hoses connected to the different functions.

15. Standard US 1/2 " plumbing hot water hose (red).

16. Standard US 1/2 " plumbing cold water hose (blue).

Simple Installation Instructions

The Installation of Shower Panels is simple and easy;

Installation Instruction for Massage Shower Panel

Remove currently installed fixtures from bath shower system (hot and cold water knob(s)).
Install two installation brackets onto the wall
(Panel installs at desired height / all hardware is included).
Connect the hot (Red) and cold (Blue) water hook-ups
(All plumbing is standard US 1/2").
Hang the shower system on the previously installed brackets.

Test shower system to ensure the product is working properly.
Caulk around the edges of the unit
(This is only required on some models).
Enjoy the relaxing experience the Massage Shower Panel has to offer!
Total Estimated Installation Time: 30 Minutes to 1 Hour

shower panel massage BST805

Shower Panel More Technical details:

1.2 GPM Delivered per body spray under 45 PSIEfficient massage and low water consumption. Standard half inch plumbing, factory pre-plumbed
Requires only 40psi to run.The minimum pressure required is 29 psi and maximum pressure required 72.7.The minimum flow rate for both cold and hot water is 3.70 gpm.
Nothing to recess (avoids most risk of water damage).
Fast and convenient access for easy maintenance. With the ever growing support of North American Plumbing Codes requiring temperature protection in the shower, most massage shower panels come with built-in thermostatic mixer which provides stable mixed water temperature, that works as an anti-scalding device in the showers.

Please note: If you have enough water pressure to adequately operate a handheld shower, you will not experience water issues with any of our shower panels. If you're absolutely sure you have low pressure in your house, you may have problems any shower panel will not solve. Bath Related Technical Installation Links

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