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Shower Mixer from BathSelect

Our Bath Shower Mixer Taps are the best suited solution for updating your bathroom in a most simpler and easier way. These shower mixer taps can enhance the overall style of your bathroom and people loves these in their bathrooms and kitchens. BathSelect offers you some of the greatest style when it comes to stylish bathroom showers mixers.

Installing Shower Mixer

Installing shower mixer whether you are remodeling your existing shower bathroom or just building a new one you will need to know the basics before you start Install supply plumbing and shower mixing valve(s) as needed. You feed the hot and cold water lines into the Shower Valve (which is installed inside the wall) and the valve mixes that water to a pre-set warm Plumbing Recommendations •An independent water supply for both hot and cold is required.

Do not pipe off ring main. • Large runs of pipe work will cause frictional loss of pressure. • The recommended main water supply piping to valve shall be 3/4” minimum • If more than one valve is installed, the recommended main water supply piping to valve shall be 1” minimum, reducing to 3/4” within 24” of each valve. Always ensure adequate supply from both hot and cold water can be maintained.

Shower Mixer from BathSelect

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