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Oasis Recessed Massage Bathtub fontanashowers Pureacrlyic Jet Bathtub

Recessed Whirlpool Bathtubs

Step down to feel the relief of a powerful, deep, penetrating massage!

Recessed whirlpool Massage Bathtubs is a nice sunken bathtub that is flushed with floor level, the recessed bathtub makes the room look larger and provides spa like settings. Walking into the recessed tub is like lying down on a masseuse's table. You will realize all the tension, pain, stress and discomfort all fall away while powerful jets of water massage your body and gentler streams soothe it. The hydro-massage of a whirlpool tub has countless benefits, ranging from relieving stress to promoting better circulation and soothing sore muscles. Those elegant tubs are becoming more readily available and increasingly popular in both new homes and remodeled bathrooms. With a wealth of styles, colors, sizes and features available, you'll have little trouble finding one that fits your budget and your bathroom.

Recessed BAth Tub By Bravat
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Oasis Recessed Massage Bathtub Oasis Recessed Drop In (MT 7365) Massage Bathtub with TV option
Retail Price: $5,806.00
Sale Price: $4,410.00
FontanaShowers PureAcrlyic Jet Bathtub / M1101C Drop In
Retail Price: $5,926.00
Sale Price: $4,912.00