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Custom Shower Design..the luxury range of designing your dream shower

Designing a Custom Shower

Have you ever imagined yourself, after a long hard day at work, stepping into a beautiful shower that had water cascading down on you from all different directions? Well luckily for you, your dream shower can now be your new reality! In today’s world, more and more people are opting out of their traditional showers in favor of a Custom Shower System.

The shower is one of the most used and often most under appreciated parts of our homes. On average most individuals shower off once, twice or sometimes even three or more times a day. Studies have shown that over your lifetime, you will spend an average of two and a half years in the shower.

With all that time spent cleaning yourself off, it is only fair to you that the time spent in the shower is time that is spent in the utmost comfort! Whether walk in showers, steam showers, jetted body showers, or massage showers, it is important that you select the one that fits you and offers you the most value and comfort for all that time spent staying clean.

Showers have a double function: they provide you the cleanness and get you feeling fresh, in fact the mental cleanliness that showers provide is often just as good as the actual body cleanliness! Many functions, technology and design are implemented in today's shower and it is important to find one that fits in best with your personal preferences.

We at BathSelect can easily provide you with several interesting & conventional ideas for your shower with a unique design adapting to your personal needs, styles and available space. A Custom Shower is a shower system that you have the freedom to design yourself and make sure that you select the shower system of your dreams.

Your Custom Shower System can be a modest affair that features two body sprays on the wall below your existing shower-head for someone looking to add a little extra to their existing shower. Your shower chamber can also be customized into a complete “surround shower” experience as multiple body sprays, front and back, operate in concert with a full range of other shower accessories.

We at BathSelect offer you the tools to create your ideal, custom shower to fit in with your wants and needs or you can choose from one of our many already assembled shower configurations. The choice is yours, so come see what we have available for your dream shower experience today!

With BathSelect you can completely customize your shower within your budget!

You can select the components that will create the ultimate shower experience you're looking for! Call us and ask to speak with one of our Shower Design consultants. We will help you select the best combination of shower heads, body sprays, hand showers and other fixtures to create your ultimate custom shower experience.

We will work within your budget so you get the Best Value and Quality. There are hundreds of possibilities when it comes to showers, and you can combine the components in a variety of ways to accommodate your style. Just Call Us 800-856-BATH .


Multi-function shower heads deliver a variety of functions, Experience water's variety, from soft rain to drenching massage, specific massage options and a range of intensities, from pulsing blasts to gentle mists. Rain shower heads look and feel great! They're impressive in size and unique in style. At Bath Select you will find quality rain shower heads that will make your bathroom and shower look like a spa.

At Bath Select, we personally inspect all of our shower heads before they leave our warehouse to make sure that we are offering the best product to our customers. We have a variety of different colors as well that can be placed into any bathroom regardless of the trim color.

These shower heads provide a soothing spray that spreads out over the shower to allow you to be fully immersed in the water to get that fresh, clean feeling you are looking for. Stop settling for the hard blasts of water that are often found in traditional shower heads and upgrade yourself to a shower head that will be sure to give you that soothing calming effect you look for in a shower.

Since these can be wall mounted as well, it allows you to be in control of where you put yours to give yourself all the water without having to move around and twist your body to wash yourself off. Our shower heads are also extremely durable and can last for years and years to come. Upgrade your shower head today and experience the difference for yourself!


Body sprays offer a variety of different experiences based on your personal preferences. Some types save space by discreetly blending into the wall, while others are adjustable for a range of intensities. Many body sprays provide targeted relief for arthritis, sports injuries, or just everyday aches and pains. They are also great for those with back issues, the water can be targeted from the jets to any part of the back.

This is part of a growing trend called hydrotherapy that is used more and more often in today's society. This allows you to get a massaging, soothing experience all while cleaning yourself off for the day. The ability to aim the jets at certain areas of your body, can maximize your experience for a more personal touch of your dream shower. Upgrade and feel the difference !


Hand showers offer all the functionality of shower heads and allow you to direct the flow of water right where you need it. Rotating hand showers offer an even more innovative and fun way to enjoy water. By allowing yourself the ability to use the shower in the way you want, you are able to really get yourself fully clean.

This is hard to do sometimes with traditional showers due to the fact that you must keep twisting around to get your body washed off. By taking the shower head off, you are able to really focus the water stream on the parts of your body that you want to clean more thoroughly.

This also allows you to clean those places that with a traditional shower would be almost impossible to reach. It allows you the freedom to be able to clean yourself the way you would like to be cleaned. Don't just take our word for it though, upgrade your shower today and see the difference for yourself.

Control Valve

You can select and install the best valve type for your preferred shower functions. Those valves come in variety of functions and styles to choose from. If you are interested in digital control valves we at Bath Select carry quite few digital high tech control valves that will suite any shower functions and design. This allows you to have complete control over all of the functions of your custom shower set up.

You can adjust the settings of the water pressure, where the water is aimed and everything in between. This is a must have for those who have upgraded or are planning on upgrading to a custom shower system. Without the valves in the shower, you will not be able to utilize all of the functions that can be customized to help you have the shower of your dreams. Come check out or selection and see what upgrading to the valves can do for your shower today!

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